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  The Animal and Plant Kingdoms and other aspects of Planet Earth

Not long ago, my young cat was hit by a car and was seriously injured. After leg surgery it was not certain if he would regain full use of his leg due to the severe nerve damage he suffered in his shoulder and neck (Horner's Syndrome). The vet gave the prognosis that if all went well he probably could put full pressure on his foot within 8-12 weeks, but he still couldn't guarantee his leg would be fully mobile.  Using TRT® Hands-on with him myself in conjunction with alternative treatments, he was in full energetic swing in less than three weeks -- running and climbing trees as though he never had an accident! When I used TRT®, I could sense the complete receptivity of this animal taking in the life force he so badly needed for recovery. I credit The Radiance Technique® for this full amazing recovery.

~ Linda D., Cambridge, Massachusetts

moving flowers

During a free-lance journalism assignment a few years ago, I was able to see and be with for more than an hour the last of four surviving members of a vanishing species. I was at a small, out-of-the-way corner of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., out of sight of the tens of thousands of tourists who visit this massive theme park each year.

The park was the protected home for the last four Dusky Seaside Sparrows on the planet. They were all male. The species used to live in the tall grasses and marshes of the area around Orlando that had long since been developed into communities and tourist attractions. All efforts to find more Dusky Seaside Sparrows-and especially female ones-have failed.

While at the park to interview the Sparrows’ caretaker, I was able to spend a long stretch of time outside their cages, just watching the sparrows hop and feed in their cages. And I was also able to attune each one to The First and The Second Degree levels of The Radiance Technique,® so that they could continue their process of extinction with the expansion of these attunement processes.

The last male Dusky Seaside Sparrow died last year. Mixed with my sadness that yet another species was now gone forever from this planet was the lesson I learned while attuning these sparrows -- that all of us can experience expansion while we are here on the planet, and we can carry that expansion into whatever the next stage of evolution is for each of us.

~ Fred W., St. Petersburg, Florida

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