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Please submit your sharings of your experiences, experiments and expressions of using TRT® in your daily life.  Your sharings will be of significant value to many of us now and to students in future years!  What an opportunity for you to serve others and for you to help in fulfilling the Purposes and Mission Statement of TRTIA.  With TRT®, you can make a difference in the lives of others by supporting this effort to collect and make available ongoing information and data from a diverse and worldwide group of individuals!  In Radiant Gratitude for your willingness to support and serve others in your processes with The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®.  Become a regular contributor now!

We are thanking you Heart First!

(Please note: if your sharing is included on these pages, some editing may be needed to protect the confidentiality of certain information without changing the main intent and words of the sharing)

Sharings about:

bullet The Outer Planes: Physical, Emotional and Mental
bullet Using TRT® in Times of Transition
bullet Experiences with The Awakening Journey®, Heart First Journey(sm) including any of your Spiritual Insights
bullet Ways in which using TRT® has helped you during difficult times of major world events
bullet The Animal and Plant Kingdoms and other aspects of Planet Earth


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