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  Using TRT® in Times of Transition

At the end of March my father made his transition. The Radiance Technique® is helping with every aspect of this event. My mother and two of my sisters and I were with my father for most of two days as he lay dying. I was able to use physical hands-on with him for many hours during those days, and although he was not able to speak, or, as far as I could tell, to see clearly during that time, he definitely moved toward me and my hands, and became calmer as I touched him with radiant hands. I used the cosmic symbols that I knew from advanced levels of study of The Radiance Technique® when I sat with my father, and also during the times my sisters and mother and I spent together at meals. None of us slept well in this time, and the gentle, sustaining energy of TRT® is what supported us in a positive frame of mind. On the first afternoon, when I arrived, my father's room at the assisted-living facility was filled with family members and hospice care workers, yet when I began to use TRT® with my Dad, and when he became more and more peaceful, all of the other people gradually filed out of the room and left me to continue to share TRT® with him. Later, a nurse from the facility stopped by to administer morphine to my father, and spoke with me as if I were a hospice nurse. I told him that I was Fritz's daughter, i.e. a family member, and he was very surprised. He said he had heard from the hospice workers and others on the nursing staff that I was a special hospice nurse from Florida who was really helping Fritz to rest! My father made his transition a day and a half later.

The weeks since his transition have been full of opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth. I was mentally aware, before his death, that the passing of a parent can prompt significant changes in one's experience of one's own life - yet my experience has been quite different from what I might have imagined. My awareness of the "background noise" in my mind during much of my day has heightened, and I have felt that I am only now seeing my "little" self and my mental and emotional habits with clarity. I use The Radiance Technique® many times a day - both the hands-on technique and the cosmic symbols and attunement processes - to allow myself to center and focus on what is actually happening inside me. Often the ability to see how I am really feeling and thinking in a situation is enough to allow me to drop painful habits that I have practiced since my childhood. Sometimes I am aware of thoughts and attitudes that are powerfully negative due to long cultivation. The relaxation and feeling of "interior space" which so often comes when I use TRT®, allows me to stay steady with fears, resentment and other unpleasant emotions, and ‘TRUST in my life's unfolding process,' a phrase which I learned through a very early issue of The Radiance Technique Journal. In The Expanded Reference Manual of The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®, there is an entry on page 79 for the term "Opportunity." The entry concludes, "The Radiance Technique®, whenever it is used by you, gives an opportunity for natural growth, for expansion and transformation according to your needs, for increasing your caring, loving and nurturing qualities and for supporting all aspects and polarities of your cycles in Real Light." This describes my experience of using The Radiance Technique® since my father's death. I am learning self care, Acceptance, and a great deal about the privilege we are given to live the life of a human being on the planet Earth.
(Katherine L., St. Petersburg, Florida)

On December 15, 2002, my father died, after years of declining health and spirit, at the end of a series of three strokes within one week. He had never accepted the idea of death - would not discuss it or prepare. After his final - and massive - stroke, I was quite concerned about how difficult "letting go" might be for him.

It was early Sunday morning when I had just completed a complete session of directing energy using  TRT® for him. I was at home getting ready to visit him at the nursing home where he was placed for the final few days of his life.

I opened a usually unused dresser drawer, looking for some gloves - it was a particularly cold morning for Florida - and stumbled on a pack of old news clippings and photos I had not seen before. (I assume they came into my possession in one of the old handbags my mom gave to me some time ago, and somehow fell out.)

The very first photo in the pack was one of my father - taken about 35 years ago - looking straight at the camera and absolutely beaming. I decided to keep it out, since it was a new one to me, and showed my father in a now uncharacteristically happy moment.

Within five minutes, I received a call from the nursing home, telling me that my father had just passed away peacefully. I was ecstatic. I think finding that picture at that precise moment was his way of telling me he'd made it and was okay - and just maybe thanking me for using TRT® to help speed and ease the transition.

(Joyce B., Kenneth City, Florida)

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