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INNER PLANES -- Refers to the formless, more lasting bodies of your Being different from the outer planes of physical, emotional and mental bodies.... All planes derive from the Inner Source of transcendental Light -- inner-connected with the Universal Creative Principle...
~ from The New Expanded Reference Manual of The Radiance Technique
®, Authentic Reiki® by Dr. Barbara Ray


I began consciously to use TRT® as a transcendental meditation technique besides using my TRT® Hands-on, Attunements and Cosmic Symbols last December.  Here is a sharing about some of my experiences in using TRT® consciously as a transcendental meditation technique: each day for two or three times and 20-30 minutes, beginning with Head Position #1, using an Attunement Process, and followed by Front Positions #1 and #3 and/or #4, using the Cosmic Symbols of TRT® constantly and consciously. 

The process of transcendental meditation each day is a deep inner learning process. Weeks or even months ago Marvelle, one of my most important and most wonderful teachers of TRT®, told me, that she knows that I know how to study. In the beginning I did not know what this meant. After a while I realized, yes, I know how to study with my mind and through experiences, but mostly with my mental plane. The next step was to decide and realize that what I can do with my mental plane, I am also able to expand on other planes as well. It is a journey into the unknown each day even if it seems to be all the same.

In teaching different degrees of TRT® during the past months I am realizing that the level of teaching TRT® is changing. It is teaching on a different level, with an expanding and more real knowledge about what I am teaching: a science of transcendental, universal energy. This experience shows me that there is something happening inside myself, that there is a process of deepening my knowledge and expanding awareness little step by little step -- baby steps, but still movement. 

Even if my ego sometimes thinks I have to meditate now and is just doing it to have it done, through meditation I am realizing it and can change this attitude (this is a little experience from the last few months).

Deep Gratitude for your world wide service to help, that TRT
® will be available for humanity on Planet Earth as a complete and intact system and science of universal energy:)

Deep Gratitude for the possibility to use TRT® on such different ways including as a transcendental meditation technique:)
Ulrike W., Berlin, Germany

Below are excerpts from two books which have been helping me on The Awakening Journey®. Both were introduced to those who attended the "Living Radiantly Heart First in the New Millennium" Conference. The first quote describes the nature of the brain/mind which I recognize as my (and our culture's) dominant daily energy, and the last three quotes point me on to transformation into "Heart First" consciousness.
At the conference we sang the Pink Floyd song "Wish You Were Here" which begins, "So, so you think you can tell...heaven from hell?" In a Radiant version of the song we sing, "Do I think I can tell my Heart from my head?" When I first began singing these words to myself I really did think that I knew my heart from my mind, but I have been discovering that true feeling from my Real Heart is a much deeper process which, at least for now, takes Will every day to Remember. The quotes below remind me to CHOOSE Heart First.
~ Katherine L. (St. Petersburg, Florida)

From Paul Pearsall, The Heart's Code, pp.25-26
"The brain is self-protective and territorial. Its code is 'I, me, mine.' A natural pessimist, it evolved to expect and anticipate the worst as a form of self-defense left over from our primitive ancestors' necessary constant vigilance for outside threats. . .The energy that attracts and comes from the brain seems to be a darker, ready-to-fight, more negative energy than that of the heart. Dr. Larry Dossey, writing about the role of unhappiness in health, points out that, 'It is as if all our potential thoughts are a roulette wheel of possibilities, with only a single red, positive slot amid thousands of black, negative ones.'"

From "This Moment in Time," The Awakening Journey® Day by Day, Selections from the teachings of Dr. Barbara Ray/Dr. SunRay/Joyous Sun Ray (collected by Shoshana Shay)

February 5

If you are depressed and continue to be depressed,
you still have to find the gateway,
the point of Light within the natural mind to let the Radiance shine through

March 11

                                  The Awakening Journey®, the Heart First Journey®

                     is NOT a mental Journey
                         not an emotional Journey
                         not an analyzing Journey ...
                     not a group (as you know it) Journey --
                     not a physical Journey --
                     not a decision Journey
                     not a known Journey
                     Will you go on the Journey of the Great Liberation?

April 12

Are my outer planes headed toward my Heart?


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