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  The Outer Planes: Physical, Emotional and Mental

OUTER PLANES -- Refers to the three planes -- physical, emotional and mental -- of the transient and outer activities of your energy dynamic.  The Outer Planes originate from the Inner Planes and are inner-connected to the Inner Source.  They are manifested form coming from the inner plane blueprint.  The personality or psychological planes include the vibrations of the physical, emotional and mental planes...
~ from The New Expanded Reference Manual of The Radiance Technique
®, Authentic Reiki® by Dr. Barbara Ray

On the afternoon of May 17, I was in the storm shelter with my neighbor and her two little girls. We had a tornado go right over us. After the all-clear sirens, I went up the steps to unlock the doors. To make the story short, I caught my left hand between the two heavy metal doors. It was right below the knuckle on the forefinger. After I got the doors open, I began TRT® Hands-on. It was a line, half red and half black. I tested all of my digits and watched the tendons and thought nothing was broken. Then I began TRT® Hands-on. I used some of the Cosmic Symbols of TRT® over and over. My husband brought me a bandage and ice. I still used the symbols over and over. This morning I lifted the bandage and took a peek: just a red bruise. I kept my hands on and continued the symbols. When I was getting ready for my nap, I decided to air it out and took off the bandage. If you look hard, you might be able to see a scar, and a little redness, but that is all. I have never had something so severe heal so quickly. And I have been using TRT® since 1982.
(Marcia W., Edmond, Oklahoma)

I was faced with having root canal surgery on a troublesome tooth in my lower right jaw and viewing the appointment with apprehension. Three years ago, a former endodontist had started this procedure but stopped short when the root couldn't be found due to calcification in the tooth. My dentist at the time then put in a permanent filling. Thus the problem was put on hold – until now!

Knowing I needed the support of TRT®, I directed Attunements to the surgeon and surgery and I called for Networking. On the morning of the surgery (which took place in the afternoon), I spent a half hour doing a complete TRT® hands-on session and spent another half hour with my hands in Head Position #4, including the lower part of the jaw. Just before driving to the endodontist's office, I slipped a Radiance card – the one saying "The Radiant TRT Heart First Ashram®" – in my shirt pocket as a reminder to keep in touch with its Radiant healing/wholing power. During surgery, I patterned Cosmic symbols and kept my hands in Front Position #3.

The surgery was a success! Within 15 minutes the root was found and after an hour the tooth was thoroughly cleaned, packed and settled with a temporary filling. (In a week the process starts for a crown on the tooth.) After driving home, I sipped soda and kept my Radiant hands in Head Position #4 until the novocaine wore off.

And then – What Celebration! No pain! No swelling! Almost like I hadn't been through surgery.

Deep Gratitude to TRT®, to the Networkers, and to The Radiant TRT Heart First Ashram® for the incredible support. Joyous Gratitude to Dr. Barbara Ray for her compassionate teachings and for opening gateways for me to apply the precious science of The Radiance Technique®, every day – Here Now.

(Dean K., St. Petersburg, Florida)

Radiant Gratitude for The Radiant TRT Heart First Ashram® and our Innerconnection. Within minutes of being in a minor car accident I was able to ask for TRT® networking. What a Radiant support in a time of outer crisis. Within 24 hours the misaligned spine was readjusting; from what was sore and stiff became "almost normal." Daily the body continues to move toward normalcy. What could have been a moderate spinal injury has been replaced with a few kinks and discomforts. Radiant Gratitude.
(Yesnie C., Golden, Colorado)

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